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1. Expedia

iOS and Android (free)

A fantastic all round travel app for the free-wheelin’ globe trotter, Expedia helps you search and book flights and hotels across the planet, as well as helping you plan and arrange your travel itinerary. In addition, users can find cheap deals on over 205,000 hotels. Handy.



2. Localipedia

Blackberry (free)

Blackberry users rejoice. This app provides users with location-based information from Wikipedia. Combined with your handset’s maps function, it’s easy to while away a whole morning scrolling and clicking through an area’s history and information about local landmarks or customs.




3. Photosynth

iOS (free)

As phone-camera quality has continued to improve, many of us aren’t bothering with a separate camera anymore. But while beach snaps or trips to the bar are handled well with many phone cameras, panoramic shots of mountain ranges or cityscapes are still a struggle. Not any more. With Photosynth, simply press the magic button and the app works its magic to create breath-taking landscape shots.



4. Word Lens

iOS and Android (free)

This astonishing app translates signs in a foreign language into your mother tongue through word recognition. Simply hold your mobile device up to printed signs, and the app will enable you to make sense of your foreign surroundings. However, its translation is limited to English, French, Italian and German. Unfortunately it’s unable to decipher handwritten notes.


Image: WordLens

5. Help Call

iOS ($2.99)

Emergency numbers are essential for any traveller to have to hand, but particularly if you’re on your own. Help Call takes all the stress out of remembering to note them down. By pinpointing your location, it provides all the emergency numbers you could require. Should you be in a serious accident, the app provides a function that allows you to ring a chosen number just by shaking the device. It could be a lifesaver.



6. Hotel Tonight

iOS and Android (free)

Every day, at midday, three trendy hotels with low-price deals arrive on your smartphone. Same-day booking is only three taps away, and the app features hotels in the US, Canada and London. More British cities are to be added soon.


Image : Hotel Tonight

7. Roadtrippers

iOS (free)

Going on a road-trip but not sure where the best places are to stop along the way? Don’t miss the opportunity to use Roadtrippers, an app that helps you map out your bike or car route based on places of interest. Simply upload your itinerary and it will map out what you should see or, if you’re route is flexible, you can browse for ideas.


Image : Roadtrip


8. Postagram

iOS and Android (free)

Remember sending postcards? Postagram is a neat way to send old-school postcards from your hi-tech device. Take a photo with your smartphone camera (or choose one from your Instagram or Facebook account) type a short message and enter the recipients’ address. A real postcard will appear in their actual postbox within a few days. Postcards cost 99 cents for US delivery, $1.99 for international addresses.



Image: Postagram

9. Currency

iOS, Android and Windows Phone (free)

This straightforward currency converter is a must have. Decide how much money to take with you, and check you’re not paying over the odds wherever you go. The converter tracks 160 forms of currency and keeps track of live changes.


Image: Currency

10. Trip journal

iOS and Android (£2.99)

Struggle to organise your holiday snaps and videos upon your return? Download this nifty travel journal app, and ensure that you’ve always got something to show mum and dad when you’ve been away. Not only does it log your photos and videos, if you have GPS capabilities enabled, it’ll also create maps of your expeditions geo-tagged with photographs.


Image:trip journal


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