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You’re on a far-away island with a group or friends, thousands of miles away from home – all of life’s regular rules have gone out of the window. You do things that you wouldn’t normally do back home and let your inhibitions run free. Holiday tattoo, anyone?

Yes the health regulations are different, yes you’ve had more tequilas than you can remember (and there are no rules prohibiting the combination of intoxication and tattoos), but you’re feeling spontaneous, and it’s cheaper than tattoo parlours back home.

If you ever find yourself in the above situation, stop! Consider the fact that studies have shown around two thirds of holidaymakers who get tattoos while on their travels regret them. Oh, and that tribal tattoo you’re toying with is about as original and charismatic as a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ onesie.

There’s so much that can do wrong: spelling mistakes, drunken decisions, awful tattoo artists, in-jokes that are not funny a few days later.

With this in mind, here are some of the worst holiday tattoos you have ever seen…

1. Don’t forget to deodorise before showing

Shark Tattoo Not Every Girl Would Want
Image :Shark Tattoo

2. A bad Freddie Mercury impersonation

Freddie Mercury Tattoo Gone Wrong
Image :Bad Tattoo

3. Icecream face tattoo fail

 Ice Cream Cone Tattooed On Cheek
Image:Ice cream tattoo

4. I think a few more people might be ‘juging’ you now

Misspelled Tattoo On A Guys Back
Image :Only God will Juge me

5. LEDGetarian, LEDGehog…idiot

Tattoo Below Neck Misspelt
Image :Ledgend

6. Or you could just buy the concert t-shirts?

Terrible Concert Tattoo
Image:Bad tattoo concert

7. What’s wrong with the classic ‘mum’ tattoo?

Mum Tattoo On Arm Gone Wrong

Image :classic ‘mum’ tattoo

8. No Nandos?

Shocking Fast-Food Tattoo On Each Finger
Image :Nandos

9. Cartoon tiger, anyone?

Bad Tiger Tattoo Design
Image :Cartoon Tiger

10. This guy loves his job

Argos Shop Worker Shows Devotion With A Permanent 'I Love Argos' Tattoo
Image:loves his job

11. Please listen to this advice

Grandma Design Suggesting Not To Get Anymore Tattoos
Image :listen to this advice

12. Everything little thing is not going to be alright

Terrible Result Of A Bob Marley Tattoo
Image :Tribute tattoo

13. Once again, music tattoos are not a good idea


Bad Unicorn Music Artist Tattoo
Image:music tattoo

14. Is that supposed to be Steve Buscemi?

Worst Steve Buscemi Tattoo
Image :supposed to be Steve Buscemi

15. Clearly…

Worst Misspelled Tattoo
Image :clearly


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