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La Tomatina

La Tomatina is the ultimate food fight and if your habit is to bathe regularly in passata, then this is for you. The event attracts 40,000 people and starts about 11am, ending music and fireworks. It uses several truck loads of tomatoes. The event is held on the last Wednesday in August, in the town of Bunol in the Valencia region of Spain







Cooper Hill Cheese Rolling

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling event is held every year in Spring, on a very steep hill in Gloucestershire. It’s being going on for 200 years and rumours are that it is a pagan healing ritual.

A large round cheese is sent off down the hill and whomever can get to the bottom of the hill first, wins the cheese. The cheese can reach speeds of up to 70 mph and has been known to cause injury to spectators. Those running down the hill can suffer from any number of injuries and the most injuries ever recorded was in 1997, when 33 cheese chasers were taken by ambulance to the local hospital.






Battle of the Oranges

When the inhabitants of the medieval town of Ivrea, Italy found out that a young bride, Raineri do Biandrate had cut off the head of the local tyrant with a small knife for peeling fruit. There was only one way to celebrate, throwing oranges at each other.

Although when it started, many years ago it was apples and no one knows why it changed to oranges, perhaps they were cheaper. The festival is notoriously violent, resulting in many black eyes. Although participants can look forward to the dance party and a bottle of the local wine later that night.







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