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The Italian Job

Colle del Nivolet


No one can forget the ending of the 60’s crime caper, The Italian Job.
The gold pinched from under the noses of the Italian Police, supposedly safe aboard the coach which was speeding through the Italian Alps.

As anyone who saw the ending will know, the coach skidded off the road leaving it balancing precariously over a nightmarish drop into the Alpine ravine.

The ravine is located in the gorgeous, Colle del Nivolet

Top Gear tested a Alfa Romeo 4C on the road, with much better cornering than a coach.

If you are a petrol head, it should be on your must see locations to drive before you die, list.


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Terminator 2

The Los Angeles River


The Los Angeles river has been used in a number of iconic, cinematic moments. Most memorable was the chase in Terminator 2 with Edward Furlong (where is he now) on a teeny tiny mini-mobike, being chased by the liquid metal T-1000, terminator in the semi truck and Arnie on a Harley in black leathers trying to keep up.

All combining in a rip roaring chase and leaving you to think, “I’ve seen that open sewer before?”. Compared to what most people refer to as a river, the Los Angeles river for most part of the year is a dribble. But when the rains come each year the channel turns into raging flood.

You may also recognise the location in other films too.

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To Live and Die in LA

And lets not forget, the superb, Gumball Rally


Wayne Manor, or rather Mentmore Manor


In real life, Wayne Manor is an English stately home. This does not mean that Batman may be appearing in the next Downton Abbey, he may spill the tea as he flaps in from the rafters.

The house was built by Baron Mayer de Rothschild and modeled on Wollaton hall in Nottingham. The property was handed down to successive male heirs until Lord Dalmeny’s death. Unfortunately he had not put aside enough cash to pay the inheritance tax and was sold by the government to pay the tax.

The property landed in the meditative hands of the Maharishi Mhesh Yogi. Mentmore Manor then fell into the clutches of businessman, Simon Halabi who would like to turn it into a spa and hotel but the commoners in the village are revolting.

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Harry Potter


There are a quite a number of locations which we could have used for this list, but the best one is where it all happens, Kings Cross train station. A magnificent building, housing the trains which terminate their journeys coming from Scotland and the East of England. The area around Kings Cross has recently been cleaned up, it was once a haven for street ladies and drug dealers plying their trade.


8680594139_82e53b1dfa (1)

The station is most famous for the young lad, Harry Potter. Platform 9¾ being the place where he catches the Howarts Express. When the books were written of course there was no plaform 9¾, but after the huge success of the films the bright, marketing sparks at the train station decided to add it, to the delights of the hordes of tourists who make the pillgramage to he hallowed spot.

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The Man with the Golden Gun

Star Trek

Vasquez Rocks


Shatner has never fought Picard, even with his shirt on. But if he did it would have to be at the Vasquez Rocks an out of this world Rock Formation situated in Agua Dulce, California. Used in several episodes in Star Trek (you can find out which episodes with a few clicks, apparently Star Trek fans also use the internet). And who can forget the Gorn? Really, well here is a video to remind you.

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Tomb Raider

Tre Prohm

You may be mistaken in thinking the most visually stunning part of the Tomb Raider movies is Angelina Jolie, but you would be wrong. That award goes to Tre Prohm. A Budhist temple built in the 12th century. Most people head for Ankgor Wat, but that has been cleaned up and polished for the white, pot bellied tourist. The more discerning traveller heads for Tre Prohm, which is still in the state in which it was discovered.




And the movie version.


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