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When people tell me that they skip breakfast I think they are insane, for me it is the best meal of the day. Apart from all the evidence that breakfast speeds up your metabolism and is good for you etc. it is the only way to begin the morning so you’re bushy-tailed for the whole day.

Still, breakfast does have to include coffee. As long as I have hot, black coffee, I’m not too fussed what I eat, as long as I do. I’m quite happy to chow down on rice, bread, fruit, porridge, you name it; and when I’m on holiday I always eat whatever’s tradition. On that vein, here are a few of my favorite breakfasts from around the world.


Chocolate and churros: Spain

When I’m in Spain I simply cannot eat enough of these light, crispy oblong donuts with their accomplice, the sweet, dark dipping chocolate. Breakfast in Spain is eaten with alacrity and so you will only pause minutes to wolf down these delights at a breakfast bar before you head off into the smoldering day.

Churros With Chocolate Dipping Sauce For Breakfast


Croissant and black coffee: France

It sounds cliché but I will pop down to the local bakery, when in Paris, and gorge on the special croissant of the day and fresh coffee. I have had some incredible, mouth-watering varieties of croissants, banana and chocolate, salted hazelnut, red fruit and cinnamon; the list goes on. The bready, buttery and sweet kick of the croissant mingled with a strong caffeine rush is the best preparation for a days work in Paris.

French Croissant And Black Coffee For Breakfast


Yogurt and honey: Greece

Thick, milky Greek yogurt has the power of feeling utterly indulgent but also being a healthy option. This meal is light, refreshing and in honesty, just delicious. For a toothsome extra lather your bowl with lashings of sticky honey; it compliments the acidic yogurt perfectly.

Greek Yogurt And Honey For Breakfat


The fry up: Britain

So this meal is not winning any healthy heart awards but for its traditional and still-standing popularity I had to include the iconic fry up on the world’s best breakfasts list. However you like yours, eggy bread, fried tomatoes, fat sausages, pools of beans, the fry-up does seem to have one magical quality and that is to cure a hangover.

Traditional English Breakfast


Pancakes: America

I have a proclivity towards the flawlessly fried, golden discs that are American pancakes. When it comes to breakfast they beat the European equivalent with ease. Anyway you dress them up; jam, golden syrup, chocolate, bacon, they remain spongy and sumptuous down to the very last bite. Yum!

Flawlessly Fried American Golden Pancakes


Huevos rancheros: Mexico

When I have more than minutes in the morning I will make this spicy egg dish. The eggs are scrambled and fried with peppers, onion, garlic and not to forget lots of chilies and served on warm tortillas often with refried beans. This plate is guaranteed to wake you up; the chili will have your taste buds doing flips in seconds.

Mexican Huevos Rancheros


Congee: Singapore/China

I first discovered congee when staying in China and without knowing what I was eating, dipped my spoon into the gooey mix with enthusiasm. This is a savory rice porridge, which I actually really enjoy however, at breakfast, I don’t like the accompaniments of meat, fish or coriander. Alone it makes a superb brekky and a small amount is curiously filling.

Traditional Asian Congee


Kaavah, dates and helwa: Saudi Arabia

Traditional Saudi breakfasts are presented on large platters and consist of a variety of sweet and savory morsels. The reappearing guests are always kaavah (coffee) dates and helwa (classic soft sweets). What I love about this eat is that you have a plethora of goodies to choose from; this pick n mix style breakfast is ideal for those who just can’t decide what they want.

Traditional Saudi Breakfasts


Simits with honey and jam: Turkey

This is most definitely a breakfast I would enjoy any day of the week. Simits are circular sesame scatted ‘bagels’ served with allsorts of jams, honeys and without question, butter. I can’t think of a better breakfast than buttery bread. Traditionally sold by street vendors, these are light, scrumptious bagels, which have a noticeably soft and chewy texture.

Simits With Honey And Jam


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