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Ice Skating Rings In MexicoIce-skating has come along way since the days of sharpened animals bones strapped to the bottom of feet. Instead of cutting through the ice, as we do now, the first ice skaters actually glided on the surface of frozen rivers. Thank God the Dutch envisioned the blade ice skates because I don’t fancy sliding about on skeletons.

As the chills set in, we lace up and shuffle about a big hunk of ice attempting not to cause too much injury. Most of us will head for our local rink but here we have collected a list of the most amazing places to glide around. So if you are looking for an unusual ice skating experience, look no further!

Zocalo, Mexico city

I’m certain that when I said best ice skating rinks you didn’t imagine skating around the steaming hot centre of Mexico City. This improbable block of ice is open for the daring to don skates and try out skating in the heat.


As biting winds begin to blow and the streets become gelid Moscow pours water on the paths of Gorky Park to form a gigantic outdoor rink.

Father And Child Ice Skating

Vienna Ice Dream, Austria

Just before Christmas, Vienna transforms its austere city hall into a 75,000 square foot rink. It is called Wiener Eistraum, which means Vienna Ice Dream. Skating here really is an enchanting experience; the Rathaus towers magically above and the rink is illuminated with flashing iridescent lights. You can refuel at one of the glühwein (mulled wine) bars and then carry on whizzing around the pink and powder blue-lit rink.



Large Public Ice Skating Rings

Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan

Japan’s Fuji-Q is renowned for its terrifying roller coasters but you can get your kicks in the winter on the mammoth ice rink. This is the ultimate spot for admiring snow-dusted mount Fuji and skimming across the ice in a whirl of wintry amusement.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ice-skating does not get more romantic than gazing at the iconic Eiffel tower while swirling on ice.

Tjörnin Lake, Reykjavik

On frosty days Reykjavik’s lake becomes a snaking pool of spinning spirals, hockey games and family merriment. To sooth aching limbs after icy falls head to the geothermal heated pools at Vesturbæjarlaug.

So if you’re heading off for a long haul journey don’t forget about these awesome ice rinks.









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