Experience Elephants in Chiang Mai

If you’ve done the stunning Thai islands and the bustling city of Bangkok, why not enjoy a different side of Thailand in Chiang Mai? The lush tropical jungles of the area make for a stark contrast against white sandy beaches and dusty cityscapes, and you’ll find Chiang Mai to be very tourist friendly in the main. The real [...]

How To Arrange A Trekking Trip In Thailand

Northern and Central Thailand have long been a enormously popular destinations with visitors who are looking to explore the wild and mountainous scenery by signing up for one of the many treks in the area. There are lots of different options with respect to the routes you can take for exploring this region, whether you’re [...]

Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a thrilling destination, with an exciting mix of cultures, cuisines, fashion and nightlife that has more than enough to keep the average visitor busy for at least several weeks. Whether you are looking to shop for some of the latest designer looks, or you have your heart set on immersing yourself in [...]

Real Madrid Theme Park

Real Madrid have already launched their own radio and TV stations, shops, cafes and restaurants across the world, but now they have announced plans to open a $1 billion football theme park in 2015. The Spanish giants plans to build the park on a United Arab Emirates man-made island that will celebrate the history & [...]

Travelling To China – A Guide To Ettiquette

China is home to the world’s longest continuous civilization. A phenomenal country steeped in proud history with a unique and nuanced culture that commands respect from visitors across the glove. It’s no wonder then, that in 2010, some 575,000 British nationals visited mainland China. In addition to this this, the Chinese are some of the [...]

Spotlight on: Thailand

With University applications down some 8.7% this year –  in some part due to a tuition fee hike – the lure of a gap year or extended overseas trip can seem more and more appealing to young people looking to gain some valuable life experience. Not always popular with every parent, the gap year can [...]