Brighton Bites

I am feeling quite peckish this morning and imagining, already, where I’d like to have lunch. So following that train of thought I’ve picked some of the tastiest places to grab some grub whether you’re in the mood for mouth-watering sweet cakes or a large, sapid luncheon. The serpentine lanes of Brighton hide a myriad [...]

Le Cambodge, Paris

I discovered Le Cambodge when a fanatical friend took me there for dinner one evening. She had been raving about this little Cambodian restaurant for weeks and so my expectations were high. There is no such thing as reserving a table here, so make sure you don’t show up starving. We arrived and already a [...]

Lost in Translation

Travelling across different countries not only introduces you to the wonders of other foods, beverages, scenery and cultures but to other languages too. In all my time of continent skipping I haven’t usually had too much of a problem communicating; a mixture of signing, their good English and my effort (as I always make) to [...]