Top Five Caribbean Islands

There are hundreds of Caribbean islands which can all boast beaches, sunshine and bikinis. A select few of these have become holiday resort favourites for people across the world, lured by the promise of movie-set scenery, tree filled mountains and a perfect climate. Yet with so many Caribbean islands to choose from, which is the [...]

See the Seven Wonders of the World – Grand Canyon

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is widely considered to be the first ever list of the most remarkable creations on this planet. Containing some of the most talked about & mythological sights the world has ever seen, the list has often inspired travellers from around the globe. Yet, if we consider the list, [...]

Spotlight on: Cuba

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Cuba! While the Caribbean island has become synonymous with revolutionary leaders, rum and cigars; the real Cuba has so much more to offer. Where to Stay Ask anyone who has been to Cuba, ‘what’s the appeal’? You’ll get a whole range of answers; which goes to show the rich [...]