The 5 best beaches in South America

As locations go, South America does pretty well for beaches. From the iconic coast of Brazil to the unspoilt stretches of Venezuelan sand, there are beautiful shores all over this part of the world. Given the superb weather in this part of the Southern Hemisphere, it’s not surprising that the beaches tend to be one [...]

Choquequirao – The Other Great Inca Trail

Many travellers visit Peru with one distinct ambition: to trek the legendary Inca Trail from the charming tourist-haven of Cusco to the ancient ruined civilization at Machu Picchu. But the Inca Trail’s unassailable popularity is part of its own undoing; the ongoing erosion of this famous route by an ceaseless procession of visitors means that [...]

Survival Holidays – Amazon Rainforest Survival

Sitting on a warm beach and sipping an ice cool cocktail out of a coconut might sound like the perfect holiday to 90% of us, but there are ‘holidays’ you can take which literally strip back all of the comforts you might usually look for and yet still offer a rewarding experience. ‘Survival holidays’ are ideal for [...]

Rio Carnival 2012

With the current cold spell which has swept over Europe, you may be thinking of fleeing to sunnier climes in search of some winter sun. What better place to escape to than the Rio de Janeiro carnival, which kicks off on 17th February till the 21st. A long weekend of sun, sea, sand and samba; [...]