The EHIC Explained

In 2006 the EHIC replaced the E111 form as the document required to access medical care in Europe and Switzerland. Even if you don’t have a trip booked for a while, it’s worth applying for one earlier, so you don’t get caught out without one. Unofficial websites may charge you to apply for the NHIC, [...]

Technology for the Traveller

Your flight is booked. The hotel has been hand-picked based on proximity to the beach. You know exactly what you’re going to do for every blissful minute of your well-deserved holiday. The only hurdle left to jump is getting through the long and boring process of getting to your destination. A long haul flight can [...]

Welcome to the Insure & Away Blog!

In our inaugural blog post I’d like to welcome everyone to what we hope will be an essential source of travel and travel insurance information. We’re busy preparing our new site for its UK launch right now but we intend to bring you some fresh daily content in the form of policy advice, travel guides, [...]