First Flight

On this day in 1903 the Wright brothers made their first attempt at flying the Wright Flyer; how far we have come in aviation since! So this got me thinking about my first flight but I was so young when I first flew that I really don’t remember. I find flying weird, I don’t like [...]

How not to ice skate: painful icy falls

As Christmas approaches all the festive fun associated with the season of cheer begins; that means vats of mulled wine, tree decorating, Christmas markets and of course, ice skating. There are many amazing rinks all over the UK but our favourite outdoor rinks are Somerset House in London, Glasgow on Ice and The Ice Cube in Leeds. However the last thing you want [...]

Viva Las Vegas! Which Hotel to Choose?

The hotels of Las Vegas are a destination all of their very own. As such, it can be incredibly difficult to choose between them! Read on for the low down on some of the best Vegas hotels, so you can find the best Vegas bolt-hole for you. The Bellagio The Bellagio is all about the luxury. This [...]

Licenced to Thrill: JetLev – the Ultimate Holiday Flight Experience

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a sunshine beach holiday is the chance to cool off and enjoy a few activities in or on the sea. You’ve experienced the fun of clinging onto an inflatable banana or a huge inner-tube as they’ve skipped and bounced over the waves towed by a speedboat. You’ve felt [...]