Sporting Events in Unusual Locations

Whilst for some people, the challenge of a gruelling sport on its own is quite enough, for others the test isn’t complete unless it’s being played in an amazing location. Whilst you might think that keeping tennis balls from going over the walls, or making sure there’s enough room to fit in a proper sized [...]

Get Involved in Euro 2012: Kiev, Ukraine

With Euro 2012 fixtures through June, leading up to the final on 1st July, Kiev in the Ukraine is having a magical moment right now. Football fans from all across the world will be flocking to the city in their droves, whether they have match tickets or simply want to soak up some of the [...]

Get Involved in Euro 2012: Gdansk, Poland

While Gdansk, Poland may not currently be the first place that rolls off the tongue when deciding on your next mini-break, Euro 2012 may just change that. Playing host to several big matches, including a quarter final, Gdansk is ready to present itself to the masses as a great mini-break destination. […]

Best Music Festival Locations

Whilst it’s true that it’s often the line-up of a festival that will make or break your experience (as well as the weather of course…) there are some events where the location also has a part to play. If you’ve had enough of journeying into the centre of a suburban town for a festival like Reading, or being stuck [...]

Euro 2012 Travel Guide – Part 2

Part 2 – Ukraine We previously looked at the feasibility of travelling to Poland for EURO 2012 this summer so it’s now time to take a look at Ukraine and the host cities that will house thousands of fans from across Europe. Ukraine is a country in Central and Eastern Europe which borders Russia to [...]

Real Madrid Theme Park

Real Madrid have already launched their own radio and TV stations, shops, cafes and restaurants across the world, but now they have announced plans to open a $1 billion football theme park in 2015. The Spanish giants plans to build the park on a United Arab Emirates man-made island that will celebrate the history & [...]

Euro 2012 Travel Guide – Part 1

Part 1 – Poland It’s been a wait of 8 long years for England fans but the European championships finally comes round again in 2012 and is hosted jointly by both Ukraine & Poland. If you are one of the lucky few to have grabbed a ticket – or perhaps you’ll just be heading out [...]

Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean

Just like Captain Nemo you too may dream of travelling to 50,000 leagues under the sea. For any adventure traveller, it would be high on the list of places to explore, far away from any tourist spot in the world. The Jules Verne character once philosophised, “On the surface there is hunger and fear. Men [...]