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Curious Creatures from around the World

Curious Creatures from around the World
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I’ve picked a selection of the cutest and funniest animals from all over the world; from fat gliders to surprised monkeys these pictures will get you giggling this morning!



This fat little so and so seems to like a squeeze; but the poor critter’s neck fat does appear to be swallowing his pink face! Believe it or not, this fatty can actually glide through the air much like a flying squirrel and is native to Australia.

Handling A Sugar Glider



There are numerous hilarious videos of the adorable slow loris but this guy here just looks bashful. These creatures are primates native to South and Southeast Asia and if you notice they have very human like hands.

Close Up Of A Slow Loris




A fish that walks, who could’ve known. Pink, cute and walking through water, this smiling beauty is in fact an amphibian and close to extinction.

Close Up Of A Mexican Axolotl




They seem unassuming and harmless but this pointy-eared mouse like fox can have a rather nasty temper along with serrated teeth. The large bat ears are supposed to dissipate heat but are really just one more feature that make us go awwww!

Fennec Fox Close Up Photo



I would not want these siblings outside my bedroom window, they look like three furry maniacs.

Baby Birds Close Up



What is so shocking? I would love to know what this monkey has just witnessed in the forest… These monkeys are from the tropical forests of South America and Mexico and are currently critically endangered.

Spider Monkey Close Up




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