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Eilat Crystal Clear Sea ViewEilat is Israel’s premier desert resort, situated on the shores of the Red Sea. Israel’s southernmost town has inviting beaches, crystal seas and a sunny climate, making it a great holiday destination for travellers from all over the world. However, Eilat is often overlooked as a holiday destination in favour of more celebrated European destinations or the nearby Sharm El Sheikh of Egypt.

Much like Sharm El Sheikh, Eilat has wonderful marine life with fish and corals that are unique in their colour and variety. Additionally, if you visit at the right time of year, Eilat is also on the migration route for birds navigating from Europe to Africa. Twice a year the sky is full of millions of birds, high above the stunning red mountains and azure waters of the Red Sea Gulf.

To highlight more of what Israel’s finest holiday resort has on offer, here are 3 of the better attractions that are often overlooked by visitors:

The Underwater Observatory
At Marine Park in Eilat lies the underwater observatory and nature museum which exhibits all the natural beauty of the Red Sea. Coral, tropical fish, sharks and sea turtles all reside here in large open air tanks. Facilities also include an observation tower, an exploratory submarine and a large shark tank which is always popular with visitors.

Dolphin Reef
The aptly named Dolphin Reef is an inviting beach that is home to a school of bottle-nosed dolphins. The Dolphins are not captive, yet live freely at the reef in an area of approx. 10,000 square meters. The dolphins, which many of which are born at the reef come and go as they please, often stray outside of the area to venture out into deeper seas for as long as they wish – before returning again to the familiarity of their home – something which is testament to their trusting relationship with the staff. All in all, Dolphin Reef is a great way to spend a perfect day in Eilat.

Rafsoda is a brand new entertainment complex in Eilat, designed to give visitors everything they need in one spot. From magnificent views from the top of the Gulf of Aqaba, the wonderful adjacent beach, or views of the red mountains of Edom – Rafsoda is a very popular tourist attraction.
In addition to the natural sights, there are numerous restaurants — a Fish & Sea Food Restaurant, a Mediterranean Grill Bar, Italian and Thai restaurants, an Espresso bar, wine cellar and a traditional pub. Activities for visitors include swimming and snorkelling as well as live Israeli music, dancing and dinner shows.


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