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passport & travel accessoriesOk, so you might get away with forgetting your toothbrush but there are some holiday essentials that you need for a happy, safe break away. So grab a pen and paper and copy this handy checklist for a stress free sojourn:

If you’re planning on heading off abroad then your passport really is essential. Check that all passports are in date in good time, and remember that many

destinations require passports to have a minimum of six months left to run by the date of return.

If you’re travelling within Europe then it’s important to carry an EHIC card. This free card allows emergency state-provided medical treatment in countries that are members of the European Union, and are very handy to have should you fall ill or sustain an injury while away.

Travel Documents
baggageKeeping all travel documents together in one place may seem like a great idea – until you misplace the travel wallet or the bag that the travel wallet is in. Keep your documents in your hand luggage but also keep photocopies or back up the information on your smartphone so that you have duplicates of all the reservations numbers, addresses etc that you need.

Travel Insurance
For a happy, safe and stress free trip travel insurance is an essential purchase. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, with policies costing just a few pounds. As with your essential travel documents, be sure to carry a copy of your insurance details for peace of mind.

You might be able to buy your toothbrush in the airport but with other travel essentials it’s not quite so simple. Make sure that you’re organised in good time and check and double check your bag for your essential documents before starting your journey.


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