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Ice Skating InjuryAs Christmas approaches all the festive fun associated with the season of cheer begins; that means vats of mulled wine, tree decorating, Christmas markets and of course, ice skating. There are many amazing rinks all over the UK but our favourite outdoor rinks are Somerset House in London, Glasgow on Ice and The Ice Cube in Leeds. However the last thing you want to happen when you’ve strapped on your skates and hit the rink is to go sprawling on the ice and bring your friends down with you.




Here is our gallery of the most painful looking and rather embarrassing falls, which serve as a lesson in how not to ice skate this season.

Above is the most distressing fall pictured; not only is she sliding along the ice with her face (not advisable) but her back is arched in an agonising looking bend. The only thing we can learn from this sore moment is not to belly or face skate on the ice and unfortunately it looks as though her partner will be landing on her in a matter of seconds.

This is how NOT to ice skate 


Ice Skater Break Through BarriersOuch! If you manage to break through the barriers, kudos to you but it will hurt.








Ice Figure Skating Head InjuryIf your friend offers to lift you say no. She can do it! No she can’t! Realising you’re too heavy too late will only be painful for you.








If all else fails cling like a hermit crab to the rink walls….

Ice Skater Performance Leads To Injury









No singing. 

Really Bad Ice Skating Fall









He is not a happy bunny and clearly regrets offering to carry her.

Ice Skaters Fall To Ground








She is skilled in the art of falling, and remembers to use her partner as an ice cushion. So if you are going to fall, do as this ice skater, and use your friend as a human beanbag.

Ice Skating Couple Falls To Ground





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