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At First4physio we have a proven track record of providing effective Occupational Physiotherapy Services to a number of large and small businesses within the public and private sectors.

We are registered with the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health & Ergonomics (ACPOHE) and through continuous professional development have specialist knowledge in the area of Occupational Health.

In the current economic climate, we understand the importance of managing workplace injury and the benefits of providing health services in cost-effective ways, to enable employees to work to their full potential.

occupational physiotherapy services

The provision of a fast access to assessment and treatment by experienced and skilled physiotherapists at either an on-site or off-site clinic has proven to be cost effective, beneficial and advantageous to both employers and employees. Helping to reduce sickness absence and injury due to musculoskeletal disorders will increase productivity and benefit employees physical and psychological well being.

How we can help businesses
We can provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and return to work programmes for employees. For employers we can offer advice and education for injury prevention and recommendations for workplace restrictions and modifications tailored specifically to your business.

First4physio Occupational Physiotherapy Services can bring benefits to your business almost immediately:

  • Reducing absence and increasing attendance

  • Increasing production and productivity

  • Preventing injuries

  • Helping to meet legal responsibilities

  • Facilitating a managed return to work if alternative or modified duties are required

  • Delivering a cost effective service for employers

occupational physiotherapy services

Here at first4physio, we believe in the role of successful early physiotherapy intervention in the treatment/management of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace. Prevention of injury is also a primary goal of our clinicians.

Working with us will benefit your employee's morale, reduce absence, improve staff retention and boost productivity.

Our Occupational Health Referral Process

Referral received via post, fax or email from Occupational Health Advisor / HR Manager


Assessment conducted within 48 hrs of receiving referral


Report issued within 48hrs detailing:

Injuries Sustained and Impact on Work

Advice on Working Capabilities

Recommendations for Modified Duties (as necessary)

Treatment Plan (with time scales)


Treatment commenced immediately


Implementation of Personalised Treatment Plan
On going Dialogue with Occupational Health Advisors/Managers (as necessary)


Patient Discharge on completion of course of treatment


Final report issued within 48 hours of discharge detailing:

Response to treatment

Residual Incapacity (if any)

Working Capabilities


Some of the businesses that first4physio already provide a valued Occupational Physiotherapy Service for include:

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There is consistent evidence that health and well-being initiatives reduce sickness absence and improve productivity.
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