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If you don’t already know, today is Look For An Evergreen Day, which means if you’re planning to get a real evergreen tree your last chance may be up. This got me thinking about Christmas trees in general and some of the grander trees I have seen sitting proudly in city squares. So I’ve complied a list of the most awesome Christmas trees, including beautiful, impressive, eco-friendly and original ones.


If you’re looking for some tree inspiration this little collection may ignite your imagination.

New York

The fiery, cinnamon shaded tree that stands in the Rockefeller centre is present as the ball drops in Times Square and the New Year is brought in.









Italy, Monte Ingino

While not technically a tree this 800 metre high Christmas tree shaped light display has a unique story and is utterly amazing. Apparently Pope Benedict XVI switched on the lights from his apartment in the Vatican at the lightest touch of a Sony device.



For a digital minded country this neon electric tree display fits in perfectly with Tokyo. But let’s still keep the tradition of actual trees going!









The biggest Christmas tree in Europe standing at 230 feet tall can be found in the centre of Lisbon. This towering beast of jovial lights can be seen for miles around and illuminates the city in a warm tangerine glow.



Formed entirely of Murano glass and sculpted by the adroit glass blower Simone Cenedese this modern but artistic Christmas tree is a true manifestation of imagination.












This eco-friendly Christmas tree sits in the city of Kaunas and it’s a creative alternative to the festive pines, which doesn’t involving sawing down any trees. It is made from nearly 40,000 plastic bottles; I think the luminescent mint green is quite ethereal and very Christmassy.







Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Standing at 85 metres tall this fantastic feat of ingenuity floats on water every year. Sitting on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon it actually holds the world record for the largest of its kind on the globe.

Which display do you think is most impressive? Or do you have any ideas for a different kind of Christmas tree display?


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