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Orthopaedic Medicine

Orthopaedic Medicine covers a multitude of problems including soft tissue injuries, fractures, dislocations, subluxations, joint problems and surgical procedures which invariably necessitate some immobilisation. Even during relatively short periods, it is incredibly easy for joints to become stiff as a result of the restriction to their range of motion. Muscle groups can also weaken and waste due to relative inactivity.

Personalised Treatment and Care
Our clinicians' role is to help restore the maximum range of motion and muscle power to the patient as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining independence and functional ability throughout the recuperation period.

Orthopaedic Medicine

First4physio places a strong emphasis on rehabilitative exercises during the treatment programme. You will be asked to perform specific exercises that help to maintain and/or improve the flexibility of joints and strengthen protective muscle groups and perform a regular regime of home exercises yourself. Acupuncture or electrotherapy may be used in conjunction with more physical techniques and exercises to assist with the relief of pain/swelling and to promote soft tissue healing.

Our Orthopedic Treatment Process

The '6D' philosophy is integral to first4physio's clinical pathway and is a key principle
of the care you receive, ensuring maximum benefit from intervention.

Patient books appointment
Detailed history taking & comprehensive assessment
Diagnosis based on history and clinical evaluation
Develop individual treatment plan with objectives & time frames
Deliver treatment and personalised exercise programme
Discuss & advise on prevention of recurrence

Our experienced clinicians are members of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine(SOM) and so have extensive knowledge, training and skills in all aspects of this specialty.

Orthopaedic Medicine

Treatment for orthopaedic conditions will include instruction on rehabilitation exercises to recover any lost range of motion and muscle strength, manual mobilisation techniques / massage / frictions / stretching and gait re-education throughout the recovery phase. You will also be provided with advice on the maintenance of your general fitness during the recovery period.

Spinal Conditions
Sports Injuries
Orthopaedic Medicine

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First4physio has found that an experienced helping hand to guide a patient through the post operative recovery process is vital in contributing towards a successful outcome.
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