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GP/Consultant Referred Clients

Patients can be referred to us directly by GPs and consultants. As soon as our efficient administration team receive a referral (by telephone, fax, email or letter), they will process it immediately.

GPs and consultants

We work with many GPs and consultants to provide rapid access to physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal conditions and post operative rehabilitation. Clients referred to us will meet with one of our highly skilled clinicians to develop an individual treatment/rehabilitation programme. Treatment will then be provided as soon as possible to ensure that the patient is swiftly on the road to recovery.

GPs and consultants

Often expert advice and instruction in tailored self help techniques may be all that is required to progress an individual satisfactorily. If, however, further treatment is deemed to be beneficial, an indication of the number of sessions and time frame involved will be given to the patient and agreed on prior to the commencement of the course of treatment.

Support and Assistance for GPs and Consultants
First4physio can assist GPs by making recommendations on a patient's fitness for work and give advice on the implementation of workplace restrictions and required action to minimise absence during the recovery process.

The dedicated gym area allows our experienced clinicians to provide structured rehabilitation programmes, strengthening regimes, flexibility routines, proprioceptive training and sports specific exercises where necessary.

Isokinetic testing and rehabilitation

Isokinetic testing and rehabilitation provide wider options to help in a patient's progression, giving them and their consultant, in printed form, accurate feedback and targets to achieve during the recovery process. The biofeedback implemented here gives our patients extra incentive to work hard on their exercise routines and provides invaluable evidence to support their level of progression.

First4physio is happy to provide progress reports to consultants and GP's throughout a patient's recovery. A discharge summary identifying an individual's response to treatment is provided on completion of treatment.

Benefits to Patients Include:

  • Rapid access to physiotherapy assessment and treatment

  • Face to face consultation

  • No waiting lists

  • Skilled, caring, experienced clinicians

  • Help and advice on injury management

  • Convenient appointment times

  • Local, easily accessible clinic

  • Early intervention preventing a problem becoming chronic

  • Reducing absence from work, hobbies and sports

  • Registered with all major Health Insurance companies

  • Established clinic with proven track record

Medico Legal Services
GP/Consultant Referred Clients
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First4physio ensures that patients receive prompt and effective treatment, which is conducted in a professional manner and takes full account of patient needs and expectations.
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