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physiotherapy treatment

What is Physiotherapy?
Musculoskeletal disorders of the body can involve the bones, joints, discs, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, tendons, connective tissue or nerves. Physiotherapy is one of the best scientifically proven approaches to combat the discomfort and functional restrictions associated with ailments of this nature.

Physiotherapists assess and diagnose the problem, then plan and administer treatment programmes that aim to restore function and minimise symptoms after disease or injury.

Our Physiotherapy team are all highly qualified and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health Professionals Council (HPC). Through professional training, our Physiotherapists understand how and why structures move and why pain and injury occur and are therefore very well equipped to address musculoskeletal problems.

Our Approach

physiotherapy treatment

First4physio strive to improve an individual's quality of life by physical means. A combination of manual therapy, manipulation, movement training, exercise programmes, body control, Electrotherapy and Acupuncture are used to relieve pain, promote healing and restore function.

We also advise on preventative measures and will educate you on how to avoid a recurrence of your problem.

It is preferable for physiotherapy to be administered immediately after a musculoskeletal injury. Intervention during the first 24-28 hours can help to limit the damage caused and ensure that it is not permanent or of long duration. However, long standing chronic pain and problems can also be helped with appropriate physiotherapy management. So even if your injury occurred some time ago the First4phyio team will still be able to help.

First4physio's experienced clinicians will:

  • Help to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Help to promote soft tissue healing

  • Assist you to improve flexibility, strength and function

  • Help you to understand and manage your problem

  • Advise on what you can and can't do during the recovery process

  • Minimise absence from work

  • Speed up a return to sport and recreation

  • Advise on how to prevent a recurrence of injury

How We Can Help You
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Feedback shows that 91% of First4Physio patients show a significant improvement in their condition after receiving treatment.
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