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What To Expect

What can I expect on my first visit to the clinic?
During your visit our clinicians will:

  • Take a detailed confidential history

  • Carry out a thorough examination

  • Discuss the evaluation and diagnosis with you

  • Formulate an Individual Treatment Plan

  • Provide skilled physiotherapy treatment

  • Advise on ways you can help yourself

On arrival you will need to complete some simple registration forms and questions to ensure that our records on you and your treatment are comprehensive and include as much detail on your complaint as possible. If you are planning to claim your fees through a third party, this first consultation is a good time to inform the administrative staff of any details and claim numbers.

Understanding your Issues

Physiotherapy Treatments

Our physiotherapists will take a full and thorough history by asking questions about your problem including how it started, how your condition progressed, where you feel your pain and symptoms and what aggravates and eases them.

We will also discuss your medical history and how your complaint may affect your work and recreational hobbies. We will also ask you about your expectations and hopes for the treatment.

Initial Examination

Once we have a good understanding of your problem we will perform a thorough examination of you and take a closer look at the area involved. Although a certain amount of undressing will be necessary so that we can fully assess your problem, we will aim to maintain your modesty at all times. We recommend that you bring or wear loose fitting clothing (vest/shorts) to the consultation.

Treatment Plan

Physiotherapy Treatments

Following the physical assessment, we will then explain our suggested treatment plan, which will be tailored specifically to your physical needs. This will include the techniques we intend to use and suggestions on how you can help to help improve your condition yourself.

Your first session will usually involve some treatment unless we are only authorised to perform an assessment. Treatment will only be performed with your full consent.

If, after completing the assessment, we feel that physiotherapy treatment is inappropriate for your condition we will advise and assist you on an alternative course of action. This may involve onward referral or recommendations to your GP.

How We Can Help You
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Physiotherapy Treatments

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You do not have to wait for your GP to refer you. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you and the sooner your symptoms will improve.
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