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Physiotherapy Treatment
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Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy treatment is tailored to your individual needs and our highly skilled practitioners may choose from a wide variety of options available to them. These include:

Manipulation and Mobilisation of Joints and Soft Tissues

Physiotherapy Treatments

Non-invasive 'hands on' techniques used to create changes in the motion and alignments of structures. The aim is to restore or improve joint and soft tissue movement, promote healing and relieve pain.

It is an extremely successful way of treating neck and back pain, arthritis, joint problems and whiplash injuries.

Sophisticated electronic and electrical equipment can be used in a variety of treatments. This includes ultra-sound and interferential therapy to assist with promoting the healing process, providing pain relief and reducing swelling and inflammation.

Progressive Exercises and Advice
Rehabilitation programmes can offer not only an enhanced recovery process but will help to prevent recurrence and maximise your functional capacity and performance.

Ergonomic and Postural Advice
At first4physio, consideration is given to the stresses and strains imposed on the body during every day activities and job roles. It is important to consider this in the overall management of your condition.

Soft Tissue Release / Massage
Techniques used to alleviate muscle tension, facilitate healing or simply aid recovery following strenuous sport and exercise based activities.

Neural Mobilisation

Physiotherapy Treatments

The brain, spinal cord and nerves are continuous and are surrounded by connective tissue which can develop tension or tightness, often contributing to nerve symptoms experienced as radiating pain, numbness, tingling or weakness. Neural mobilization is a gentle nerve stretching technique to relieve this tension and its associated symptoms.

Neural tension techniques are used to decrease adverse mechanical tension on the nerves. Peripheral nerves can often become trapped within the tissues, where there can be a pull on the nerve with movement. This technique frees up the nerve so it can slide in its sheath.

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine and can be used to treat a great variety of problems. In recent years acupuncture has become more popular in the West and is used within Physiotherapy as a form of pain relief. It can be extremely effective on both acute and chronic conditions due to its effect of stimulating endogenous opioids (the natural pain killers) and other neurotransmitters such as seratonin (the "happy hormone") produced within the body.

Orthopaedic Supports and Appliance Provision
First4physio clinicians can offer advice on, and help you purchase, appropriate supports and appliances that may assist in the management of some conditions.

Workplace Assessment / Advice
Sometimes you may have issues in your working environment. You may be finding some difficulties with the way your work station is set up relative to the tasks you have to perform, or you may have problems with the use a particular piece of equipment. It may be necessary to assess and advise you in your working environment to help to ease symptoms and reduce the risk of further injury.

Advice on Self Management / Prevention of Injury
First4physio places a strong emphasis on 'involving' you in your treatment and recovery. Invariably you will be given advice on what you can do for yourself to minimise a recurrence of injury.

Sports Rehab / Isokinetics and Taping Techniques

Physiotherapy Treatments

First4physio has access to specialised exercise equipment (isokinetics, balance apparatus, pulleys, resistance bands etc), to help rehabilitate sports men and women to advanced levels. We may also use sport specific exercises and training drills which can be utilised to gradually reintroduce an athlete back to the competitive environment.

Kinesiology taping applications can be useful in the treatment/management of many sporting conditions.

Sometimes used in the management of nerve root compression from a lumbar or cervical disc lesion.

Feedback on first4physio's care has demonstrated that 91% of our patients have shown a significant improvement in their condition after receiving treatment. This impressive statistic is a result of the tailored and personal care our team of dedicated professionals develop and deliver. This is specifically designed to combat your particular symptoms and respond to your individual requirements.

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Physiotherapy Treatments

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