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January is the ideal time to strap on a pair or skis, or, if you prefer, a snowboard and hit the snow-dusted slopes. However, as we all know well, snowboarding (and of course skiing) comes with its dangers, such as making yourself look like a buffoon (and the bumps and grazes). So to honour those currently flying down the mountains in Europe here are our top snowboarding wipeouts, ouch!

Although I have never snowboarded (I find the idea terrifying) I have donned a pair of skis before and due to my clumsy nature have had a few wipeouts of my own- not to mention getting stuck on the middle of a run.

Snowboarding Air Figure Skills

That’s how to do it

However, the funniest fall I have ever seen was performed by my brother on our first skiing trip. Taking on the slopes with gusto he was all about throwing himself down mountain sides and skiing as fast as he could; trying to keep up with him turned my knees to jelly. On our third day he tried a short red run, which he was advised not to do.

Standing at the bottom I watched him jet down, with wobbling legs, arms akimbo and seeming to attempt to break the sound barrier. He began to lose control and at the point where he should have stopped, next to me, he whizzed past, shouting. I saw him going full steam towards a very pretty little cafe.

In front of the cafe was a ginormous pile of snow and as he reached it, he flew head first into it. All I could see was a pair of wriggling legs. He was fine, apart from snow in his ear holes. The whole thing was great amusement for me, so I thank him for that!

Snowboard Resulted In Head Injury

Gymnastics is not wise while snowboarding

 Injury Snowboarding Dangers

How far down is his head?!

Dangers Of Snowboarding

weeee. Does look fun…

Snowboarding Injuries

My goggles!


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