The Best Beaches in the UK

Many UK holiday makers are not only feeling the financial pinch of the recession, but are also suffering from a fairly unimpressive British Summer time. However the sun is set to shine in the last few weeks of Summer, making it the perfect time to pack your bags for a last minute beach getaway. Soak up [...]

Barcelona – A Year Round Destination

Barcelona is an amazingly versatile European destination that’s perfect for a city break at any time of year. A summer trip can see you sunning yourself on Barcelona beach, or soaking up the atmosphere in a beach bar, whereas in winter you can enjoy the Christmas market in the shadow of the magnificent Santa Lucia [...]

The 5 best beaches in South America

As locations go, South America does pretty well for beaches. From the iconic coast of Brazil to the unspoilt stretches of Venezuelan sand, there are beautiful shores all over this part of the world. Given the superb weather in this part of the Southern Hemisphere, it’s not surprising that the beaches tend to be one [...]

Top Five Caribbean Islands

There are hundreds of Caribbean islands which can all boast beaches, sunshine and bikinis. A select few of these have become holiday resort favourites for people across the world, lured by the promise of movie-set scenery, tree filled mountains and a perfect climate. Yet with so many Caribbean islands to choose from, which is the [...]

Beautiful Beaches 2012

I think it’s safe to say it’s starting to warm up a little bit now? (fingers crossed…) So maybe now it’s time to start thinking about that summer holiday to some nice, warm and relaxing destinations? Here’s a quick list of some of the best beach destinations in the world to consider for 2012: Seychelles A little [...]