Geneva: A Lakeside Haven

A city with an abundance of fresh, clean air and wide open space is something of a rarity, but Geneva, one of Switzerland’s largest cities, is the exception to the rule. Any city that sits on the shores of the largest Alpine lake in Europe, flanked by the nearby Alps mountain range, is going to [...]

The Benefits of Bruges

For those looking for an easy city break in Europe, Bruges is a great idea. The city is often passed over as a destination, losing out to some of the more glamorous locations, such as Paris, or cities that offer more in the way of partying, such as Barcelona or London. However, it has a huge [...]

Get Involved in Euro 2012: Kiev, Ukraine

With Euro 2012 fixtures through June, leading up to the final on 1st July, Kiev in the Ukraine is having a magical moment right now. Football fans from all across the world will be flocking to the city in their droves, whether they have match tickets or simply want to soak up some of the [...]

Get Involved in Euro 2012: Gdansk, Poland

While Gdansk, Poland may not currently be the first place that rolls off the tongue when deciding on your next mini-break, Euro 2012 may just change that. Playing host to several big matches, including a quarter final, Gdansk is ready to present itself to the masses as a great mini-break destination. […]

The Bears of Berlin

Berlin is a really interesting city to visit. The centre of the town is ideal for shopping – it has a huge shopping centre, and of course there are plenty of other attractions to see including the famous Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg gate, the remains of the Berlin Wall, or the Olympic stadium. Of course, [...]