Mile High Meet And Seat

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For me, one of the most exciting things about air travel is not knowing who you’ll be sat next to for the duration of your mile-high hike. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I think there’s something poetic about those chance encounters with interesting [...]

Tips for upgrading to business class

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Have you ever been on an excruciatingly long-haul flight and looked longingly towards the front of the cabin where those business class folk recline in luxury? Perhaps enjoying their soft, padded, leather-bound, luxury seats whilst being waited upon by immaculately turned out, smiley flight [...]

In-Flight Cuisine to look forward to!

This heading is a statement that you're unlikely to hear very often, so when a fellow traveller regales tales of in-flight cuisine that is actually palatable, you should really stand up and take notice! The arrival of food on a flight often comes as a source of entertainment in itself, along with the usual feelings [...]