Alternative Ideas For A Classier Hen Party

Hen dos have generally got quite a bad reputation for being parties of drunk women marauding through the streets of some unfortunate city dressed as schoolgirls or nuns, usually ending the night passed out in a heap or vomiting on their shoes. However, they don’t have to take such a messy turn, and there are plenty of [...]

The 7 Best Budget Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings can be an expensive enough business without having to add on another couple of thousand pounds to make sure you have the honeymoon of a lifetime too. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your honeymoon, but you don’t want to end up staying at home, then there are some fantastic budget [...]

Island Hopping in Greece

Whether you’ve been swept away by the stunning scenery featured in films like Mamma Mia, you have a bit of a thing for ancient Greek culture, or you’re simply a huge fan of the gyro kebab, you will find plenty to keep you busy on a trip around the Greek Islands. There are several different [...]

Which Greek Island is for you?

There are so many Greek Islands, over 6,000 in fact, and so it is often difficult to choose which one to take a holiday to. Some people like a lively holiday, with lots of lively activities, night-life and partying, whereas other prefer a quiet, relaxing time surrounded by less Brits in more traditional surrounding. Additionally, some islands cater [...]