Le Cambodge, Paris

I discovered Le Cambodge when a fanatical friend took me there for dinner one evening. She had been raving about this little Cambodian restaurant for weeks and so my expectations were high. There is no such thing as reserving a table here, so make sure you don’t show up starving. We arrived and already a [...]

Paris on a Budget

Paris is not the cheapest place in the world to visits, it’s true, but if you want to spend some time in the City of Light then you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Whilst you might have to make a few compromises with the view from your hotel window, and you [...]

Best Shopping Cities in Europe

Shopping mini-breaks are the perfect choice for a girl’s weekend away. You can enjoy a change of scenery, while still enjoying some hardcore shopping action – often with the chance to pick up items that you wouldn’t find on your local high street. So with this in mind, where is the best place to head? [...]

Well-Travelled Tastebuds: Paris

Paris has to be one of the most revered foodie destinations in the world. The French certainly take their food seriously, and a trip to Paris should be nothing less than a gastronomic experience. If only the best will do, then you simply must get a table at L’Astrance at 4 Rue Beethoven. This three [...]

The Worlds Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Everyone loves a fabulous hotel room, but would you really be prepared to pay your year’s salary for a night in one? Believe it or not, this is exactly the price you will have to stump up if you want to stay in some of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms. However, for that price [...]

Top 5 Hen party destinations

Trying to find a good hen party destination is harder than you may initially think. Finding a location that is affordable and appealing to everyone will be a nightmare – women want something different from men. Culture, things to do, sunbathing, shopping and of course nightlife are all needed for the perfect hen party so [...]