What to Do in Salou?

Within the north eastern province of Tarragona, Salou is  fortunate to be amongst a handful of fascinating tourist attractions on the Costa Dorada. Salou is a popular Spanish beach destination that’s great for all ages. Pretty much guaranteed sunshine and soft golden sands await, but what else can you do while in Salou? […]

Which Orlando Theme Parks to Hit

Florida is an ideal holiday destination for the whole family. Sunshine, beaches, world-class theme parks, American hospitality, and much more besides. And those lucky enough to be heading off to Orlando are sure to find themselves overwhelmed by the acres upon acres of fun theme parks that await them. Hitting the Florida theme parks doesn’t come cheap [...]

Adrenaline Rushes – Rollercoaster Holidays

Adrenaline junkies are all about the rush – that feeling of being totally out of control and in a moment of complete fear and panic, followed by the hairs on your arms and neck standing on end and your heart beating so fast you feel like it will pump straight out of your body. For [...]

Real Madrid Theme Park

Real Madrid have already launched their own radio and TV stations, shops, cafes and restaurants across the world, but now they have announced plans to open a $1 billion football theme park in 2015. The Spanish giants plans to build the park on a United Arab Emirates man-made island that will celebrate the history & [...]