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Grand Canyon National ParkAmerica has always been a land of fabulous resources with some of the most incredible areas of natural beauty in the world. The size and scale of the country, as well as the great diversity of landscapes and terrains means that exploring the natural world here can take you from the aridity of the desert to a lush tropical climate in just a few easy steps. Without a doubt, the best ways to see everything that American nature has to offer is by planning a visit to some of the country’s national parks.

Yosemite National Park is one of America’s best national parks, particularly if you have an interest in healthy physical activity in the great outdoors. You can ski, hike, ramble and wildlife spot here, and as the 1,200 square mile sized park is more than 90% wild, you will easily be able to find your own quiet spot to get away from the rest of the world. Make sure you look out for the groves of sequoia trees, the crystal clear streams and the awe inspiring granite cliffs.

The Arches National Park is located some seven hours drive from Las Vegas, so if you’re already in this part of the world for a spot of gambling, a couple of days visit here makes a lot of sense. If you’re looking to see some pretty breathtaking natural wonders – particularly the huge rocks and arches that have given the park its name – then this is the place. The grand and towering shapes make quite an impression on visitors to the Arches, particularly at sunset.

Yosemite National Park In The UsIf you’re planning a trip to America that ticks off all the ‘must see’s then the Grand Canyon National Park is no doubt somewhere on your list. The mile-deep canyon that gives this World Heritage Site its name was formed by the movement and erosion of the Colorado River over the years and is an exciting spot to explore, either on foot, horseback or helicopter. You can also sign up for a canoeing tour of the Canyon, which is a unique way to see the area at its most natural, from the interesting rock formations, to the elk and deer that roam around.

Yellowstone National Park is the original American National Park, as it was the first place in the world to be bestowed with this title. It was also the park that was the inspiration behind ‘Jellystone National Park,’ which was of course home to the cartoon Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. There is a huge amount to explore in Yellowstone, from the geothermal sites that populate the area (particularly the Old Faithful geyser), to the bison and elk that roam around the park.

For anyone planning a trip to America, a visit to one of the national parks is a great way to get to know the landscapes and terrains here, to understand some of the history of the country and to have some excellent adventures in canoes, helicopters and on horseback. The country’s national parks are usually located within a few hours drive of most major cosmopolitan centres and are well geared up to cater for visitors and tourists.


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