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There is nothing better than wandering down the sweeping whitewashed boulevards of the city of lights and peeking into a fragrant patisserie, redolent of oozing caramel and honeyed delights. Like finding nuggets of treasure in a cave; these sweets are as beautiful and delicate as Paris itself. So, after many years of visits to this city and sampling a good deal of sugary produce here are my top five most luxurious patisseries, ones which you cannot miss when holidaying in the capital. Pastries are for every time of day; in the morning with hot, black coffee, lazy afternoons and as dusk descends for a nighttime stroke of sweetness.


Pain de Sucre

This patisserie’s appellation ‘sugar loaf’ is enough to start me craving their soft cakes and flaky croissants. The pastries here are laced with subtle, divine flavors and the execution is perfect, these treats almost look too good to devour. You must not leave without tasting the Caramel au Beurre Salé Macarons. These are unbelievably delicious with dollops of thick, burnished caramel sandwiched between two tulip orange macaron halves.

Sadaharu Aoki

The amalgamation of delicate Japanese flavours and dainty, sugar weaved French confections makes for utterly incredible pastries, unlike anything you will have tried before. Eat, without restraint, the green tea opera and black sesame éclairs, you will be infinitely grateful.

La Patisserie des Reves

The poetry inherent in this patisserie’s name ‘pastry shop of dreams’ also translates to the confectionary they create, every bite of their moreish and expertly crafted goods transport you to heaven. Try the celestial daisy shaped Paris-Brest with hidden pockets full of smooth praline.

Des Gateaux et du Pain

At the steering wheel of this wonderful patisserie is the talented Claire Damon who demonstrates haute-pastry skills and instills bursts of creative genius into her desserts. Nibble her signature violet and blackcurrant Saint-Honore, dressed in amethyst-coloured robes.


There is no need for an introduction to this world famous patisserie, a master of old school luxury pastries and a Paris institution. Walking into the shop you’re hit by a swirl of luxury; the lush interior and array of tempting delights is rapturous  The Fleur d’Oranger Macarons sit alluringly in the glass cabinets and taste of springtime orange groves and fragrant flowers.


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