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flying tipsAir travel can be an uncomfortable experience, and at times can feel like a bit of a test of endurance. Whether you’re flying short-haul with a low-cost airline, or preparing to endure a seemingly endless long haul flight to the other side of the world, there are some things that you can do to make your trip that bit more bearable.

Take note of the following tips and get your holiday off to the start it deserves!

Tip One – Temperature Control
While you may well be jetting off to a hot destination, flying in your shorts and vest is rarely a good idea. The air at altitude tends to be on the cool side, so adequate clothing is required. Think light layers that can be removed at will – as well as airy fabrics like cotton.

Tip Two – Comfortable Feet for a Comfortable Flight
Cool air blowing around your flipflops is unlikely to be conducive to a comfortable flight, so make sure that your feet are kept cosy. If you can’t justify the space in your hand luggage for your fluffy slippers, at least make sure that you pack a pair of warm socks. Heck, why not treat yourself to a soft cashmere pair – you’re on holiday after-all!

Tip Three – Pack A Pillow
finding comfort on an airplane
A travel pillow is an absolute must as the last thing your next door plane neighbour wants is you drooling over their shoulder should you miraculously manage to get some shut eye.

Tip Four – Savvy Snacks
Now, there’s snacks and then there’s snacks – choose your in-flight nibbles wisely. Peanuts for a protein hit = good. Stinky cheese and onion crisps = bad.

Consider the people sitting next to you and choose easy to eat, innocuous items that won’t, quite literally, kick up a stink at 50,000 feet.

Tip Five – Stay Hydrated
Moisturise yourself inside and out with water, moisturiser and lip balm and you’re less likely to dehydrate and more likely to step off the plane ready to start your holiday in style.

Of course, the ultimate must have for any stress-free flight is travel insurance. The right policy will see that you’re compensated for many of the myriad of flight related things that can go wrong when it comes to jetting off. Plus, that extra pack of peanuts can’t hurt!


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