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st lucia holidaysThere are hundreds of Caribbean islands which can all boast beaches, sunshine and bikinis. A select few of these have become holiday resort favourites for people across the world, lured by the promise of movie-set scenery, tree filled mountains and a perfect climate. Yet with so many Caribbean islands to choose from, which is the right one for you?

Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Caribbean islands. So pour yourself a cool drink, put the shades on and sit back and enjoy:

5) St. Maarten
Sint Maarten / Saint Martin allows holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy three distinct cultures within one 37 square mile. St. Maarten is split right down the middle with the French side (Saint-Martin) in the north and the Dutch side (Saint Maarten) in the south. Blend these two cultures with the exotic home heritage and you have a very unique island. Sprinkled with colourful architecture and large mansions, the hills of St Maarten overlook a number of millionaire’s yachts and it has become a resort synonymous with the rich and famous. The only reason the island has not featured higher up the list is that it can often be seen as an island that is a little too touristy due to its jewellery shops and duty free stores.

4) Dominica
If you’re looking for a true Caribbean experience, then the island of Dominica is a real throwback to the swashbuckling days of pirates and treasure. Dominica is a fantasy of a Caribbean island. An isolated island coated in forests & steep hills. Perhaps Dominica won’t appeal to you if you’re looking for white sandy beaches amongst well developed luxury resorts – Dominica is a poverty stricken island – however Dominica does offer a more traditional Caribbean holiday.

cuba holidays3) Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island with a difference. It is characteristically Spanish with a twist of American thrown in. Puerto Rico is quite a large island with a lot to offer including El Yunque rainforest, which is a sub-tropical mountainous forest located on the eastern part of the island. The town of Old San Juan is also an incredibly appealing itself. Originally built by the Spanish in colonial times, Old San Juan is a fortified city with small winding streets and unused lookout posts surveying the horizon.

2) Barbados
Barbados has its very own identity and one that is different to almost every other Caribbean island. Something which is fantastic for both tourists and locals alike is that Barbadian law ensures no new buildings can extend beyond the height of the tree tops, which means that the natural beauty of the island remains intact. And beneath the trees, Barbados offers you could want including 5 star resorts, spectacular beaches, dense forests, shopping and nightlife. However, even with all these attributes, Barbados still manages to remain unique and not appear over ‘touristy’.

1) St. Lucia
Lucia is often considered as the number one destination in the Caribbean. This reputation is rightfully held up in our opinion too. When most holidaymakers consider everything they want from a Caribbean holiday, then St. Lucia quickly ticks all of the boxes; a vibrant port city, engulfing rainforests, mist covered mountains, white sandy beaches and a rich and unique culture. As well as relaxing on the beach you can take advantage of mountain biking trails, or hidden paths that wind through the forests and mountains, surrounded by banana trees and picturesque waterfalls. St. Lucia truly is a Caribbean paradise.


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