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travel buddiesWhen it comes to holidays, who you go with can be just as important as where you go. Consider your travel companion carefully, as the wrong choice can mean the difference between a great trip and a dreadful one.

Different trips tend to lend themselves to different people, and matching the perfect travel companion to the trip is a good skill to practise in order to get the most from both your breaks and your personal relationships.

Let’s take a look at your options:

A Partner
The most popular choice for people in a relationship is to go with their other half. While this can be wonderful, and holidays can help build a bank of fantastic memories, it’s also something to be approached with care. If it’s early days in the relationship, a holiday, and being around one another 24/7, having to find compromises etc, could make or break it.

travelling with friendsEven if you’ve been a couple for a while, your nearest and dearest isn’t necessarily the best choice of holiday companion. Perhaps you have very different ideas of what makes a great holiday? In that case, you could consider taking separate holidays so that you can both get the most from your trips. After all, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder!

A Friend
If you’re single you may be considering holidaying with a friend. In which case heed the above and choose that friend wisely. Best to select a friend who has similar ideas as to what makes a good holiday – or one who is prepared to compromise. For example, a culture vulture holidaying with a beach babe may turn out to be a bad idea!

A Group
Holidaying with a group can often offer the best of all worlds, whether you’re coupled up or single. In order to accommodate everyone the group can fragment to do different activities if needs be, meeting up to socialise in the evenings.

Whoever you choose to travel with, quality travel insurance is a must, so don’t forget to make sure that you, and them, are well covered with an Insure and Away policy.


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